Busting Consulting Myths

At Kairos, we value open and constructive conversations.
That’s why we have created a section that addresses any questions you may have about potentially collaborating with a strategic consulting firm.

I am not sure I need a consultant.

You need a consultant when you are unsure where to begin with a project that keeps you up at night. When you have been given an annual objective, but you are uncertain about the steps needed to achieve it. When you need to make progress, but resources are scarce. When you are faced with a new issue or opportunity.
Our team’s work is primarily to assist you in understanding the current situation and identifying the right problem. This way, you can direct your efforts to the right place for a real payoff. Then, we guide you through the strategic planning process and the execution of proposed strategies. It’s a process that goes from idea to action, generating concrete results.

Recommendations often fall into oblivion after the consultants' departure.

You know how it goes: the consulting team proposes interesting solutions in a very professional-looking PowerPoint, but six months pass, and no concrete action has been taken. How come this doesn’t happen with us?
We’ve all been in your shoes, and we understand that your investment in time, budget, and energy must be put to good use. Therefore, we hold ourselves accountable for the results, and for us, a report must absolutely serve not as a decorative item on a shelf but rather enable you to generate tangible results. Our strategists will take into account the available resources and present you with a realistic, effective, and actionable plan. We are committed to seeing it through to the end: we won’t let go until we are certain that you and your team are well-equipped and feel confident in carrying out the projects that matter to you, even after we’ve left.

Consultation is like construction: we know when it starts, but not when it ends (nor how much it costs).

It’s true that it can sometimes be challenging to predict how the process will unfold and what the real outcomes will be in the end…
At Kairos, we are committed to precisely defining your issues and developing a transparent approach. You will always have a clear picture of the progress of our shared mission, the upcoming actions on our side, and what is expected from you in the days to come. We are committed to staying within the budget we agreed upon at the beginning of the project. With us, there are no surprises – and no hidden tricks 🙂.

Consultants follow a "recipe" that may not work for my organization.

Not all of them! And certainly not us. All of our strategies are created specifically for you, based on your priorities, and we tailor our recommendations to fit your reality perfectly. What sets us apart is that we accompany you throughout the project to bring your ideas to life and generate impact. Yes, our proven methodology is based on serious and effective theoretical frameworks made available to benefit your teams. Yes, we have a rich toolbox to assist you in your reflection and project implementation. However, we never, ever copy and paste strategies from one project to another. That is our pride and expertise!

First, we meet with a partner or a senior advisor with an impressive track record, but over time, we end up with a junior team.

There’s no B-team with us: everyone contributes to projects based on the required expertise and level of experience. Each project is led by one of our senior strategists who will remain involved at all times, while being fueled by the creative and sharp minds of our entire team.

Consultants don't always understand the reality of organizations.

We come from the corporate world ourselves. In fact, it was through working with consulting firms that didn’t align with our organizational needs that the idea of doing things our way and founding Kairos came to us, in 2014. We have been in your shoes, so we understand your reality and the challenges that organizational cultures sometimes present. That’s why we are committed to working as a team with you and all project stakeholders to ensure that we best serve the interests of your organization. We also believe that the diversity of experiences and specialties of each person strengthens the group. That’s why Kairos’ team members come from the corporate world, marketing, communications, coordination, project management, and academia.

It is preferable to learn to do things ourselves instead of outsourcing the project.

In fact, did you know that you can do both? With the guidance of Kairos, you can use your resources for what you do best and what generates the most value for your company. We will assist you in diagnosing, framing the problem, strategic planning, and project implementation, all while involving the right people at the right times. We will coach your teams and yourself to enable you all to play the best possible role in fulfilling the project’s objectives. Our approach, based on capability building, positions your organization for success right now, by providing your teams with the skills, knowledge and resources needed to make things happen.