Our intervention is simple but effective. It comes down to two words:


Our method, inspired by Appreciative Inquiry, capitalizes on the organization's strengths and can be broken down into four phases that allow each of our interventions to generate convincing results.

01 Discover

Understanding intentions, decoding trends, exploring root causes... First and foremost, it is essential to understand the cause of the problem, or the potential of an opportunity.

Research and analysis

Structuring unstructured data… Detecting trends… This is definitely our thing! We analyze the data and use it to help you achieve your goals and address your issues.

  • Macro trends analysis | Industries | Consumers

  • Voice of the customer | Voice of the market

  • Competitive intelligence | Brand monitoring

  • Market analysis

  • Competitive environment

  • Problem framing

Macro trends analysis | Industries | Consumers

Using our extensive databases, we continuously monitor macro, industry and consumer trends. We then identify the most promising trends and the most attractive business opportunities for your organization.

Voice of the customer | Voice of the market

We believe in listening and hearing what your customers think of you. Their voices provide rich insights, whether their opinions are favorable or not. We conduct interviews, as well as online surveys of various kinds. We use the best tools, including the Qualtrics platform, and proven research methodologies to leverage this valuable data.

Competitive intelligence | Brand monitoring

Goodbye to hashtags and more traditional monitoring tools to track the reputation of our clients’ brands and their competitors! Thanks to our artificial intelligence tool, ViJump, and the close collaboration we have with their entire team of developers, we are able to provide innovative solutions to the complex issues facing today’s brands.

Market analysis

We use multiple sources of primary and secondary data, including Statista, to get a thorough understanding of the market dynamics and to define its true potential. Our in-depth analysis of market segments’ needs and the external forces impacting the company and its products allows us to assess your market potential and determine the best strategy for growth.

Competitive environment

Over the years, we have refined our competitive analysis at both the market and brand levels. This accurate and informed understanding of your competitive environment is a key asset when it comes to defining distinctive and winning market and brand positionings.

Problem framing

Problem framing is a design thinking method used to understand, define and prioritize complex business problems. We were trained at the Design Sprint Academy in Berlin, and have been using this methodology ever since to help you unpack and identify the root causes of the problems you encounter.

02 Define

Defining the destination, the North Star... Thinking big and making an impact while being pragmatic and efficient in approach.


In light of the insights gathered, we put both your neurons and ours to work to identify the levers to capitalize on and the elements to address.

  • Business strategy | Growth strategy | Influence strategy

  • Market positioning | Brand

  • Strategic planning | Ideation workshops | Strategic retreats

Business strategy | Growth strategy | Influence strategy

Once we have all the information we need to understand the situation, it’s time to make choices… because strategy is about making choices! What actions should we take in order to penetrate a new market, to become the leader in a given category? How do we attract and retain the best talent? How do we influence a vote in our favor? So many situations that require just as many different strategies.

Market positioning | Brand

A clear, differentiated positioning reflecting your brand’s DNA and aligning with the needs of your primary targets is essential to ensure your organization’s success. As Ries & Trout put it so well, “Positioning is not what you do to a product. Positioning is what you do to the prospect’s mind.” Thus, strong positioning is a key asset to favorably influence consumer perceptions towards your brand and product.

Strategic planning | Ideation workshops | Strategic retreats

We facilitate the entire process of planning and strategic reflection, from start to finish. Our approach is tailored to your needs and reality. Thus, together with you, we will choose and then adopt the approach that will best meet your needs. Our framework is pragmatic, creative and resourcing. All stakeholders will be involved at different stages of the process. Our goal: help you identify your North Star and the steps and resources to get there. We will facilitate meetings so that you can actively contribute and build lasting relationships within your organization. One thing is for sure, it will be anything but boring!

03 Orchestrate

What tools and resources are required? Clever planning is needed to bring strategies to life.

Plan wisely

The devil is in the details… This is where we will establish the game plan to bring your vision to life… It is not the necessary evil but the cornerstone of your success.

  • Customer experience and journey

  • Transformation and change management | Communications

  • Process optimization

Customer experience and journey

In order to increase customer loyalty, retention and engagement, it is essential to understand the customer journey, from the need recognition stage up until repurchase. What are the key drivers for interacting with the brand? What are the different touch points? How can we reduce our clients’ efforts? And if there is a problem, are we providing the right level of service? We will guide and assist you through the process of defining a positive and memorable experience.

Transformation and change management | Communications

If you don’t take change by the hand, it will take you by the throat“, Churchill


Any change within an organization deserves to be well planned to avoid putting the success of strategic business initiatives at risk. We have been involved in many technology implementations and complex projects. With you, we will develop the change management strategy best suited to your needs. We will also accompany you in the deployment of this strategy by orchestrating the various actions of influence, communications and training required to promote the adhesion of the various stakeholders.

Process optimization

There are few strategies that will not impact existing business processes. And it is often a key piece that is neglected or put aside. However, strategy execution requires that we pay attention to the processes that will be impacted. They will need to be reviewed to support the new direction your organization is taking. This is a key aspect of the execution phase.

04 Execute

Above all, we are committed to providing you with the support and resources necessary to achieve your strategies and projects.

And action!

Deploying initiatives is the most critical phase of any planning process. We will guide you from ideation to action. Step by step. All the way.

  • Governance

  • Deployment of strategy | Brand

  • Coaching


Just as organizational processes must be optimized to support the organization’s new strategic priorities, the governance model should also evolve. A well-adapted governance will solidify your operational efficiency, ensure the materialization of your new strategic plan, and amplify the collaboration between the various teams across your organization. We will guide you in designing the best governance model for your organization.

Deployment of strategy | Brand

Once the positioning is well defined, we will help you develop your brand’s image and tone of voice. We will support you with the development of various marketing and communication tools. We work with several highly talented creative collaborators who all have a long and successful track record.


Our ultimate goal: to make sure that you achieve even greater success as a result of working with us. Having sat in the same chair as yours for a long time, we understand your reality and the challenges that organizational cultures sometimes present. We will guide you so that you can take the right actions at the right time.